Quantum Alchemy

  • Hand watered
  • Soil grown
  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No salt based nutrients
  • Custom craft cannabis
Watermelon Skittles Drip

Our mission:
To provide the highest quality extracts and processed goods possible

Marketed within multiple quality tiers and price points. Whether wanting the best diamonds for a wedding event or quick dabs for a lunch time break - we have you covered!

At Quantum Alchemy we start with the right quality bud for the right processed cannaibis and cbd products. Whether you want premium diamonds or terp sauce sourced from our premier partner grower, Quantum Oregon, or just down and dirty dabs for that quick mid-day pick me up-sourced from our other clean, partner growers.

Our products are produced in Boring, OR in a state of the art processing facility. Attention to detail, cleanliness, premium appearnance and flavor....You will like what we make!

Agathalan Shatter


Alaskan Blackberry Crumble

Alaskan Blackberry

Blue Dream Crumble

Blue Dream

Dianoga Pie Sugar

Dianoga Pie

Dosi X WZ Sugar

Dosi X WZ

Durban Poison Crumble

Durban Poison

Lemon Cookies Diamonds

Lemon Cookies

Mac N Black Diamonds

Mac N Black

Mac N Black Sugar

Mac N Black

Orange Sherbet Budder

Orange Sherbet

Paris OG Diamonds

Paris OG

Pennywise Sap


Sunset Pearl Budder

Sunset Pearl

Sunset Strip LR

Sunset Strip

Supreme Sherb Budder

Supreme Sherb

Watermelon Magic Live Rosin

Watermelon Magic

Watermelon Magic Budder

Watermelon Magic

Watermelon Tsunami Sap

Watermelon Tsunami